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Awards & Accreditations

Our award winning parks

Don Amott Parks is committed to providing a top quality experience and maintaining ultimate customer satisfaction. We’ve gained a series of awards and accreditations which confirm that customers can trust the quality and consistency of our parks, and the high level of customer experience. In 2023 we were very proud that we achieved Five Star and Gold in the Holiday & Touring Park ratings from VisitEngland.

Gold Award Don Amott Parks More 1
LAKESIDE PARK Gold award with VisitEngland

VisitEngland’s assessors award Gold based solely on the criteria of quality across aspects of the park such as restrooms, cleanliness, food, hospitality and service, as well as the park overall. The award is open to parks already rated as five star, and involves a second ‘mystery visit’. Our prestigious Gold award is an indicator of how Don Amott Parks provide a truly wonderful experience, with high-end quality throughout.

5 Star Award Don Amott Parks More 1
LAKESIDE PARK 5-star holiday park award with VisitEngland

VisitEngland awarded us a Five Star rating. Their award scheme assesses parks by sending a ‘mystery shopper’, a hospitality professional who gives a star rating based on a combination of quality, range of facilities and level of service offered during their stay. Our Lakeside Park was evaluated by VisitEngland’s assessment services, with standards across the park scrutinised. The conclusion was that it is “… stunning, beautifully landscaped and maintained”, peaceful and tranquil, with excellent provision of facilities throughout. A friendly, caring and established team keeps it running to a high standard.

5 Star Award Don Amott Parks More Touring
LAKESIDE PARK 5-star touring park award with VisitEngland

VisitEngland’s assessors have also awarded us a Five Star rating in the touring park scheme, which assesses and rates holiday, touring and camping parks. This involves all services being tested by one of VisitEngland’s assessors to establish the level of the park – including cleanliness, touring facilities, recreation facilities and more. Our Five Star award in this category is something we are very proud of.

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