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Sports facilities at our parks

When you stay at Don Amott Parks, one of the most appealing things to do is participate in some kind of sport. The power of choice across each of our five parks will define your experience, offering a diverse range of sporting activities – from the gentle challenge of bowls or snooker to the pacy physicality of football and tennis. We even have the only padel tennis courts on holiday parks in Lincolnshire. If more solitary sporting pursuits appeal, then enthusiasts can find peace and quiet on the fishing lakes at selected Don Amott parks. Whatever sporting activity is for you, you will be satisfied with the facilities on offer across our suite of parks.

BRACING BREEZES Outdoor sports
Golf Sports
Up to 9 hole courses Golf

Golf is a great ball game for physical and mental health, demanding fitness and flexibility, focus, precision and a keen understanding of the course you are playing on. There are golf courses at our Lakeside, Nettleton and Willows Park sites, featuring exceptionally well-maintained courses which offer healthy challenges for beginners and experienced players alike. Golf can be a very social game, and you are sure to find camaraderie amongst the players you encounter at Don Amott Parks.

Available at: Lakeside Park, Nettleton Park, Willows Park

Football Sports
Pitches on site Football

With a football field at Willows Park, and a multi-use games area with a 5-a-side pitch at Lakeside Park, there’s no reason not to indulge in ‘the beautiful game’ when you’re staying at a Don Amott Park. Nettleton Park has its own football field as well as Astroturf for usage on site. Football has long been renowned as England’s national sport, and has some of the most exciting professional leagues, though the game has global appeal. Who can resist taking a ball out onto a pitch and pretending to be Ronaldo? With Don Amott Parks you’ve got the chance to do it on a high quality pitch.

Available at: Lakeside Park, Nettleton Park, Willows Park

Padel Tennis Sports
Courts at the parks Tennis and padel tennis

Whether it’s a ‘no stakes’ knock-about over the net, or a competitive match with serious intent, tennis is a wonderful way to keep fit. There is an all-weather tennis court available at Lakeside, Nettleton and Willows Park for use, whilst Lakeside and Nettleton Park feature the only padel tennis courts available on holiday parks in Lincolnshire. If racquet sports is your preferred way of getting your sporting fix then Don Amott Parks is the perfect place to go.

Available at: Lakeside Park, Nettleton Park, Willows Park

Bowling Green Sports

Traditionally played by the older generations, one of the most relaxing sports available at Don Amott Parks is bowls. This sedate way to keep fit is played on a green – and the ones we have installed at Nettleton and Willows are beautifully maintained. Bowls is a game of precision – and it’s a great way to test your judgement, while also enjoying the sociable aspect of competing with other players. Gentle and great, bowling at Don Amott Parks is a real pleasure.

Available at: Nettleton Park, Willows Park

BOULES Pétanque

Imported from France and increasing in popularity in the UK, pétanque is a simple game involving strategy, skill and precision. You can pit yourself against your friends and family by playing pétanque (often referred to as boules) on a specially installed court at our Nettleton park. The rules are clearly explained on signage at the court, so even first-timers will find themselves enjoying this highly sociable game.

Available at: Nettleton Park

Fun & games Indoor sports
Table Tennis Sports
PING PONG Table tennis

You would probably imagine that table tennis is a much more sedate affair than ‘full sized’ tennis – but you would be wrong. Table tennis, or ping pong as it is sometimes known, can be an intense and very physical challenge. Played in a much smaller square footage, it gives a great physical workout in a tight space. It’s also a lot of fun for all members of the family, with impromptu tournaments being a great way to get the family bonded for a couple of hours.

Available at: Lakeside Park, Nettleton Park

Pool Sports
TABLES ON SITE Pool and snooker

Amongst the more relaxing sports available at Don Amott Parks, snooker and pool offer you the challenge of testing your hand / eye coordination plus your judgement of angles and distance, in games of true precision. Snooker has become very popular during the last three or four decades, perhaps due to the advent of TV coverage, and the facilities at Don Amott Parks will have you dreaming of winning the world championship! There are pool tables available too.

Available at: Lakeside Park, Nettleton Park

Ownership 4
OWNERSHIP Owning your very own holiday home

Owning a park home or static caravan at a Don Amott holiday park is an experience that combines the comforts of home with the excitement of a getaway. It offers a unique opportunity to own a personal retreat in some of the most beautiful and serene locations across the UK. Whether nestled in coastal areas, surrounded by peaceful countryside, or situated near vibrant towns, static caravan ownership caters to a variety of lifestyles and preferences.