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Our History

Where it all began

Take a look back on the history of Don Amott Parks, where we celebrate over 60 years of creating cherished memories and fostering a sense of community among holidaymakers. From our humble beginnings to becoming a beloved name in the holiday park industry, our journey has been filled with passion, innovation, and a deep commitment to providing exceptional holiday experiences. Join us as we take a look back at the milestones and achievements that have shaped our legacy, and discover how Don Amott Parks has grown to offer a unique blend of tranquility, adventure, and comfort to families and individuals across the UK.

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THE BEGINNING 1960s - 1970s

1963 The year that started it all. Don Amott (Senior) formed the company Don Amott Caravans and our journey began.

1972 We acquired Riverside Park, branching out into residential homes.

1975 The year that we acquired our first caravan park in Tenby, Wales.

1979 We attained our second holiday home park, Nettleton Park, aiding with the increased public desire to vacation within the UK.

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EXPANDING 1980s - 1990s

1981 The 80s signified the start of our significant expansion, and we acquired Whispering Waters (formerly known as Nursery Caravan Park).

1984 We then obtained Windmill Caravan Park, adding yet another beautiful holiday home site to our cache.

1985 Unbeknownst to us that it would become our flagship park, 1985 saw our acquisition of Lakeside Park (formerly known as Lakeside Lido) from Haven Leisure.

1989 Willows Caravan Park became the latest addition to our growing catalog of holiday parks.

1998 We launched the Tropicana Complex at Lakeside, offering our park home owners some of the best facilities and amenities we’d ever seen at a caravan park.

Deers Leap Statue

2002 Beginning over a decade of further developments and expansion, we purchased an additional 30 acres of forest area at Nettleton Park.

2006 Due to its popularity and our plan to consistently improve on our facilities and offerings at Lakeside Park, we purchased another 50 acres of forest to convert into beautiful natural scenery and idyllic walks.

2013 A huge year for us as we celebrated our 50th Anniversary. The last 50 years saw us grow from a single caravan site, to a household name for holiday parks.

2016 Saw the opening of ‘Deers Leap’ at Lakeside Park. We also acquired an additional 20 acres of forest adjacent to Nettleton Park.

2018 Acquired 20 acres of farmland to the east and west of Willows Park.

2019 State of the art sustainable shower complex added for the Lakeside Touring Park.

Padel Tennis Sports

2020 Addition of the new Sandpiper plots at Whispering Waters.

2021 A new woodland nature trail available at Nettleton Park.

2023 Marked the creation of 26 knew ‘elevated’ holiday home plots on The Reserve at Willows Park, and the addition of a Padel court for Lakeside Park – a first for the County.

2024 Addition of a new swimming pool and fitness suite at Willows Park, as well as a new Padel court for Nettleton Park.

Endless Fun History
HOLIDAY PARKS Endless fun and relaxation at our parks

At Don Amott Parks, we pride ourselves on creating an oasis of relaxation and fun that stretches across all our parks, designed to cater to every taste and age group. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat to unwind amidst nature, or an action-packed getaway filled with activities and entertainment, our parks serve as the perfect backdrop for memorable holidays. Each location is thoughtfully curated to blend comfort, leisure, and adventure, ensuring that from the moment you arrive, you’re immersed in an environment that promotes joy, relaxation, and a sense of belonging.

Join us and experience the unparalleled charm and excitement that makes Don Amott Parks the ultimate destination for those looking to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.