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Giving back to the community

At Don Amott Parks we believe in our social responsibilities, and we are always happy to ‘give back’ – whether donating to charity or working on developing our sustainability.

Grounds Care Value
CHARITIES, SOCIETIES & MORE Donating to the community

‘Giving back’ means to those immediately around you as well as to the wider community.

At Don Amott Parks we are very happy to support 12 local football teams in the form of various sponsorship packages. We are also keen regular donators to important national charities. The Poppy Appeal is an annual fundraising campaign by the Royal British Legion, during the period of Remembrance for those who have fallen in combat. The Motor Neurone Disease Association works to improve access to care, research and campaigning for those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who are living with (or affected by) Motor Neurone Disease. Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest independent cancer research organisation, working to fund research, information services, campaigning and advocacy.

Replanting Respobsibility
REPLANTING PROGRAMME Giving back to the environment

At Don Amott Parks, we recognise how important it is to take care of our environment – by contributing to the bigger picture, or by running small sustainability projects of your own. We have adopted a programme of sustainable development with an ongoing schedule of planting and replanting trees. We also install ground source heating into the new buildings erected on our parks. As a business we also own 100 acres of forest as an offset to our carbon footprint. Don Amott Parks – doing our bit.