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Owning your own holiday home

Owning a holiday home or static caravan at Don Amott Parks is an experience that combines the comforts of home with the excitement of a getaway. It offers a unique opportunity to own a personal retreat in some of the most beautiful and serene locations across the UK. Whether nestled in coastal areas, surrounded by peaceful countryside, or situated near vibrant towns, static caravan ownership caters to a variety of lifestyles and preferences.

Get Away Ownership New
Don Amott Icons Home Icon 1 CONVENIENCE Get away, any day!

One of the main appeals of owning a holiday home is the convenience it offers. It’s a hassle-free alternative to planning holidays; your own cosy, fully equipped home awaits you whenever you need a break. This means no more booking hotel rooms or dealing with the unpredictability of hotels. Your holiday home or static caravan is a space that you can personalise and make your own, ensuring every visit feels like coming home.

A Community Like Atmosphere Don Amott Parks
FRIENDS & FAMILY A community-like atmosphere

Don Amott Parks offers a community-like atmosphere, where you can meet like-minded individuals and take part in communal activities and events. Our parks come with a host of amenities such as swimming pools, recreational areas, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, providing a resort-like experience right at your doorstep.

To add to the community presence is The Waterfront Club at Lakeside Park, offering three separate rooms for week on week entertainment; Oscar’s Cabaret Room, Monty’s Restaurant and The 18+ Sportsmans Bar.

Seasonal Ownership
FLEXIBILITY A holiday for every season

Moreover, the flexibility of owning a holiday home, lodge or static caravan is unmatched. You can choose to visit during your favourite seasons, stay for extended periods, or even plan spontaneous weekend getaways. This freedom of use makes it a perfect option for families, couples, or individuals looking for a regular escape without the constraints of traditional holiday planning.

Memories Ownership New
FAMILY Creating unforgettable memories

Owning a holiday home or static caravan in a UK holiday park is not just about having a place to stay; it’s about creating lasting memories, enjoying new experiences, and having a sanctuary to return to year after year. With a blend of privacy, comfort, and access to recreational activities, it’s an ideal way to enjoy the best of both worlds – the tranquillity of a holiday retreat with the familiarity and comfort of your own space.