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Fishing lakes at four of our parks

Fishing with us is free for owners, and guests can accompany them if they have a day pass. One of the major appeals to fishing at a Don Amott park is the social aspect – most of our customers like to organise regular fishing matches which you can choose to get involved in to add a bit of sport to the pastime.

Stunning Views Fishing
Don Amott Icons Fishing Icon FISHING Reel in the stunning lake views

Don Amott Parks offers spectacular chances to indulge in your favourite pastime. At six lakes across our Lincolnshire locations you’ll be able to enjoy as much quality fishing time as you like. Sited amidst picturesque scenery, the enormous lake at Lakeside, the single lake at Whispering Waters and the two lakes each at Willows and Nettleton all provide well-stocked waters to fish, in perfect natural surroundings.

Our lakes are well-developed and exceptionally well-kept – in some cases aerated and refreshed by fountain water features, surrounded by natural vegetation and frequently visited by wildlife. No more than a short stroll away from the main areas of our parks, our lakes offer the ultimate in easily accessible pastoral environments. At Nettleton there is even a beautiful Nature Lake (not for fishing) with an abundance of wildlife. At our lakes, you can truly get away from it all and fish at a moment’s notice.

Lakeside Park 7 Acre Fishing Lake
7 Acre Lakeside Park

Lakeside’s Seven Acre Lake is as big as its name suggests, and offers an abundance of fishing opportunities of more than 40 pegs, including 20 match pegs. Our lake is well stocked with freshwater fish, keeping your line out for longer.

Nettleton Park One Of The Fishing Lakes
2 FISHING LAKES Nettleton Park

Nettleton’s Carp Lake features 28 pegs on a 1.5 acre site, with Top Lake offering 21 pegs across 1 acre and a variety of fish including rudd and perch.

Willows Park Fishing One Of Lakes

The two lakes at Willows include opportunities to fish carp. Big Lake offers 28 pegs across a 1 acre lake whilst Little Lake offer a further 10 pegs on a 0.5 acre, and has recently been totally cleared, cleaned and restocked.

Whispering Water Fishing Lake View
CARP FISHING Whispering Waters

The beautiful Lake at Whispering Waters features a more modest 20 pegs on approximately 1 acre. This lake is aerated with water features and natural vegetation to add to the breathtaking view.

WHAT TO BRING Essential fishing gear

Whether you are a first-timer or someone who has fished regularly for years, it’s essential that you do it with equipment. Our tips for the right gear include:

Ownership 1
OWNERSHIP Owning your very own holiday home

Owning a park home or static caravan at a Don Amott holiday park is an experience that combines the comforts of home with the excitement of a getaway. It offers a unique opportunity to own a personal retreat in some of the most beautiful and serene locations across the UK. Whether nestled in coastal areas, surrounded by peaceful countryside, or situated near vibrant towns, static caravan ownership caters to a variety of lifestyles and preferences.