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Bowls & Pétanque

Relax playing bowls or pétanque at Don Amott Parks

At Don Amott Parks we work hard to improve and provide the best customer experience we can. This means providing the right facilities so that you can take part in a range of activities – whether you enjoy highly active sports such as tennis and swimming, or something sedate, sociable and strategic like bowls or pétanque.

Boules Petanque
COURT Introducing pétanque

Don Amott Parks in Nettleton hosts a fantastic pétanque court, easy to find right next to the padel tennis court. Here, you can indulge in a game or two of this French classic, which is played in every town square, park and other area all across France.

Pétanque, similar to boules, is a very simple and social game involving friends and family pitting their skills and strategies against each other in the gentlest way. Players take turns to throw their metal boule as close to a wooden jack as possible – as well as disrupting their opponents’ boule or obstructing it. The basic rules of pétanque are straightforward, which makes it very playable for people of all ages and skill levels.

Nettleton is the best place to enjoy pétanque when you’re holidaying in Lincolnshire.

Bowling Green Sports

The holiday parks at Nettleton and Willows offer fantastic opportunities to play bowls on beautifully maintained traditional greens. One of the most relaxing and enjoyable pastimes available at Don Amott Parks, bowls is a very pleasant and undemanding way to keep yourself fit and socialise while you’re doing it. Bowls is a much-loved game involving patience and precision, always extremely popular with the older generations but accessible enough to be played at any age.