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Written by  Dan Whitehall
, Posted on Thursday April 18, 2024

Creating a Cosy Outdoor Space: Patio and Deck Ideas

Creating a Cosy Outdoor Space: Patio and Deck Ideas

The pop group Crowded House once famously sang “everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you”. The meaning behind this fantastic band’s fabulous phrase was that you affect your environment and it reflects back at you. What does this have to do with static caravan ownership? In the case of this kind of home, the ‘weather’ concept can be translated into the act of decorating the inside and making efforts to personalise the outside. Both of these endeavours will see your preferred aesthetic reflecting back at you, enhancing your feeling of ownership and of really belonging in this particular space and lifestyle. In other words, taking steps to ensure your environment is absolutely yours is a happiness loop – and if you are happy then here at Don Amott Parks we’re happy too.


Static caravan decorating ideas

In this edition of our blog we’ll explore some of thing things you can do to increase static caravan décor and make the most of the outdoor space around it (as well as make you aware of a few important things which remain outside of our park rules).


Fit decking and/or a veranda

Many static caravans have the benefit of usable outdoor space around them on the plot, and therefore the possibility of adding decking, or even a veranda, to extend the household. Here, on Don Amott Parks, if it has not already been extended it’s possible to increase your living space in this way. It’s important to note, though, that there are just two companies which have been approved to undertake installations on our Parks. They are GG Leisure and The Caravan Decking Company – and it’s not permissible to obtain quotes from any others. This ensures that when decking or a veranda is added to caravans on out parks, the style, fitting and workmanship all comply with standards on the parks.


Decorate the decking!

What better way is there to relax and make your holiday caravan decking your own unique space than by having your choice of an outdoor furniture set on it, and dressing the space up with other accessories?

  • Lights: Use tasteful lamps and lighting (solar and string lights, for instance) to create a cosy social space, perfect for ‘just sitting outside’ and relaxing in a welcoming ambience. Choose warm off-white or multi-coloured lights and you will create an inviting atmosphere. These types of lights are often available from bargain or home and hardware stores at very decent prices, and in various designs.
  • Rug: You can introduce texture to your decking with a stylish weather-resistant outdoor rug. Pick a design that complements the exterior of your caravan exterior and it will add visual interest, as well as providing a pleasantly soft underfoot for bare feet on summer days.
  • Bird feeders: Observing the nature at your doorstep it is one of the real pleasures of occupying an outdoor space. By hanging or placing a bird feeder on your decking you’ll attract small feedingbirds and add a touch of natural tranquillity to your outdoor experience. Make sure you opt for weatherproof feeders which will withstand the elements.
  • Baskets: Hanging baskets filled with beautiful flowers or trailing plants will add some garden charm to your decking area. Regular watering and feeding will ensure they thrive throughout their natural season, enhancing the beauty of your outdoor retreat. Remember to keep them neat and tidy (or temporarily remove them altogether) during off season.
  • Planters: Baskets are, essentially, vertically positioned versions of planters. You can enhance the appeal of your decking or outdoor space by positioning planters filled with an array of flowers, plants, bushes or ornamental grasses. If you have a number of planters, choosing several that are the same will create a very crisp and uniform look, but opting for an eclectic mix of shapes, sizes, colours and materials creates visual interest. Additionally, you could even consider incorporating some edible plants – basil or cherry tomatoes, for instance – which will add a functional touch.


Permitted and non-permitted items

It’s important to note that there are a few things we do not allow at Don Amott Parks – either for everybody’s safety or so that we can keep a generally consistent aesthetic. Fences are not permitted (at any height, so even a fence you might consider unobtrusive), hot tubs are not allowed, and firepits are not allowed.

However, BBQs are allowed outside of your static caravan, as long as they are off the ground. It is also permissible to erect and furnish a garden room or gazebo on your plot. This structure will provide you with extra living and entertaining space.

Use the ideas described here to elevate the aesthetic of your decking or outdoor space. You can lift the appeal of your static caravan so that it becomes a truly welcoming atmosphere which – as we said right at the start of this edition of our blog – reflects your personality and lifestyle right back at you. Whether you’re entertaining guests or just happy to potter about and unwind, your outdoor space can become a very important part of your whole static caravan experience at Don Amott Parks.