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Lincolnshire Beach Scaled 1
Written by  Don Amott Parks
, Posted on Wednesday January 31, 2024

Lincolnshire’s Best Beaches: Our Top Picks

Does Lincolnshire have nice beaches? Well, history tells us that it does! You’ll definitely have seen it around somewhere – the infamous and iconic painting of a fisherman skipping along a sandy beach, proclaiming the coastal resort of Skegness to be “so bracing”. This quaint and attractive piece of marketing material, painted by John Hassall in 1908, perfectly illustrates that even back then, over one hundred years ago, the people of Lincolnshire knew they were on to a good thing living right where they were.

Skegness, of course, is just one of many coastal places in the county that has its charms. In this edition of our blog we’ll be looking at several seaside spots you could visit when staying at Don Amott Parks. We’ll explain why they are worthy of a little bit of your leisure time.



Skegness is a quintessential British resort, so you can happily tick everything off your seaside checklist – a pier, fish and chips, cafes, candyfloss, amusement arcades, aquarium, boating lake and – of course – a pleasure beach. The central beach at Skegness is probably one of the best beaches on the east coast of the UK, and it has even won the prestigious Blue Flag award (meaning it’s considered one of the cleanest in the world). It’s also one of the biggest in the UK, and becomes even bigger once the tide is out. There’s also sufficient parking quite close to the beach to remove some of the stress of finding a parking spot when the resort is very busy.

Skegness has been a popular holiday spot for families for well over a century (the pier itself is over 100 years old and has always been a popular landmark for visitors), and there are many other things to see and do. There is always plenty of entertainment for all ages available in the town itself, and plenty of lively places to eat and drink.



Another very popular Lincolnshire coastal resort is Mablethorpe. The name sounds a bit like some archetypal character from 1960s Coronation Street – Mabel Thorpe – but there’s nothing decrepit about this place. It’s traditional, of course – and that’s partly what you want from your British seaside resort. But it also has plenty of activity about it to keep you entertained, as well as plenty of pastoral wonder and calming quiet to keep you awed and in touch with nature.

We’d recommend taking a trip on Mablethorpe’s famous sand train, it’s a lovely way to experience the beautiful beach. The sand train goes all the way down the beach to the Seal Sanctuary (and back) and there are stops along the way. The sand train goes through the water on its return journey – something that any kids party always find exciting!

We just mentioned the Seal Sanctuary, and this is one of Mablethorpe’s great spots to visit when you’re taking a little time away from sunning yourself on the beach. Set up approximately five decades ago, the sanctuary attracts over one hundred thousand people per year – so it’s no ‘run down seaside attraction’. There are loads of rescued primates, reptiles, birds of prey, meerkats, aviary birds and seals – again, lots of fun for the kids.



Fairly close to Mablethorpe is Saltfleetby Theddlethorpe Dunes Beach. This is a picturesque spot perfect for a long walk. At high tide the beach is even larger and it can take visitors up to 15 minutes to reach the water’s edge. It’s a good moment, here, to point out that when you are beach-walking you should always do your research (try the internet, or asking someone local and official) and pay attention to information regarding the movement of the tides. Do not get cut off from the mainland.

Saltfleetby features a National Nature Reserve and you will encounter several stunning natural habitats here – dunes, tidal sand and mudflats, in addition to salt and freshwater marshes. It’s a wonderful place, as natural as natural can be.



Close to the Humber estuary, the seaside resort of Cleethorpes has a close relationship with dock town Grimsby. In fact, they are more or less the same place and when you travel the urban environment between them any border or barrier is indistinguishable. Grimsby Town Football Club ply their trade at a ground in Cleethorpes, and you can just about get a view out to sea if you sit in the main stand! Cleethorpes is another one of those Lincolnshire resorts which has perhaps been maligned by those not in the know over the years, but which turns out to have a truly fantastic beach and lots of seaside fun.

Golden sands stretch for miles, and it’s possible to lose track of time just sitting on the beach and watching delivery ships and tankers make their way out of the North Sea and into the Humber Estuary on their way to the ports further inland. Cleethorpes beach also hosts a fantastic leisure centre and a fine old pier (currently home to Papa’s, a restaurant and take away offering the best fish and chips for miles). You can buy your tray of chips and stand on the surrounding walkway to stare out to sea, or watch what’s going on below on the beach. It’s a very popular spot for the locals as well as holidaymakers.



A mere couple of miles further south from Cleethorpes is Humberston Fitties. This relatively secluded area features wonderful golden sands and stunning views including the two Humber Forts. These are two fortifications which were constructed during the First World War, for the purposes of protecting the Humber Estuary (and therefore the ports and towns accessible from it). They were regularly attacked by enemy aircraft in the Second World War, and it is fascinating to see them in the modern environment – calmly and peacefully, but powerfully, rising out of the water.



In the south of Lincolnshire, Sandilands near Sutton-on-Sea is a truly wonderful stretch of sandy beach and promenade, exquisitely lined with attractive traditional beach huts. This is a relatively quiet spot for a good leg stretch or dog walk, and a great place to enjoy the relatively simple pleasure of a fresh sea breeze. There’s no denying it’s quite a popular area, but Sandilands is massive and you’re likely to find that if you want to be you can remain undisturbed or untroubled by other people.

There are many other smaller beaches and coastal locations you can visit in Lincolnshire – so there is more than enough to occupy your time and pique your interest when you’re looking for a seaside holiday home for sale, or living at a Don Amott Park, and looking for a day out somewhere beautiful. Skegness is so bracing, remember – but it’s beautiful too, and so is the rest of Lincolnshire’s east coast.