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Clean Static Caravan Blog 2 Scaled
Written by  Julie Carroll
, Posted on Monday April 8, 2024

Our Top Static Caravan Maintenance Tips

Our Top Static Caravan Maintenance Tips

Whatever you own, it’s important to look after it. This goes for the smallest precious things to the largest – your vehicles and your houses (or other dwellings, such as static caravans). Taking care of the property you own is one of the most important things you can do as by doing so you will preserve condition, lengthen useful life and retain some value.

Whether you live in a bricks and mortar house or a static caravan, one rule remains paramount – cleaning and tidying is essential. In this edition of our blog we’ll detail some of the things you can do to make sure that your static caravan stays in great condition.


1. Stay tidy

At the very least this will ensure your home is always in a decent condition, liveable and welcoming. Staying in control of clutter in the domestic environment (in other words the pots that have piled up to be washed up, and the clothes that have accumulated waiting for their slot in the washing machine schedule) is really important.

In a static caravan you’re functioning in a limited amount of space and as comfortable as you make it to live in, it wouldn’t take too much of this kind of domestic clutter for the place to feel uncomfortable. Getting organised is a great way to keep on top of clutter. Perhaps you could set up a daily or weekly routine (dependent on the task) on a rota if there are more than one of you living in the static caravan. Domestic duties such as the washing up and putting away or organising the laundry process can be shared out and won’t take too long if you regularly do them and become a dab hand!

You will undoubtedly have some sort of waste bin in your kitchen, and keeping tidy by disposing of the contents of this is something that should be done regularly. Do not allow this sort of kitchen waste to build up too much as, at the least, the unpleasant smell of old food and cooking waste will permeate the entire static caravan.

Making sure you have plenty of storage (including shelving) for things like books and magazines, or your objects, will also help you maintain a tidy feel.


2. Stay clean

It’s not just about keeping things tidy – it’s also about keeping things clean, from the furniture and objects in your space to the ‘hardware’ (the walls, floors and windows).

You should regularly clean down and dry all walls and surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, as these are the areas most prone to damage from problems caused by moisture. Getting into the good habit of doing so after a session of their intended use (ie. after you’ve cooked or prepared and eaten food, or after you have had a shower) will assist in keeping on top of things.

Emptying out the cupboards in your kitchen and cleaning the surfaces within (using a vacuum cleaner if necessary) is also a worthwhile moderately regular task. This will rid you of tiny traces of food (which are attractive to pests). You should also empty and clean out the fridge. Cleaning the windows (interior and exterior) on a regular basis will also help give your static caravan a fresh feel and a looked after look.

Cleaning up after your dog is always a good idea, too.


3. Stay on top of maintenance

A schedule of small maintenance checks, and any tasks that arise from it, can be very helpful in maintaining a decent condition for your static caravan.

  • Joints and seals: Check that the joints and seals at windows and doors (plus any other vents) remain in good condition. These small but essential components in the construction of your static can become weaker in time and, if not maintained, won’t work properly. They may also begin to leak if they are not looked after – and water problems may begin within your caravan. Opening windows to allow air to circulate can help with the prevention of damp and any of the problems which arise from it, and it is also useful to invest in some form of absorber to help counter the moisture in the air. There are several products on the market which can be easily and discreetly installed.
  • Systems: Running regular checks on your essential services (in other words the electrics, plumbing and heating) will mean that you keep on top of any potential problems occurring there. You may need a professional to come in and undertake these checks as they will bee fully au fait with what is required, and capable of doing any necessary work arising from them to the correct standard. Keeping on top of the condition of your systems means that the general condition of your property has a great ‘base line’ to begin with. If and when the time comes to sell your static caravan, buyers can be confident that everything works just as it should.
  • Outside: The first thing anyone – visitors, potential buyers – will notice is the exterior condition of your static caravan and the space it is sited. There are things you can do to ensure your static has a great ‘look’ (as well as the right exterior functionality etc).

Doing an inspection to see if there are any cracks or gaps on the surface of the static caravan, and in any joins, means you will locate areas where cold air to enter. You can seal and fill these openings using sealants (silicone, caulk etc), though you must research to establish what is appropriate to use. In addition, the roof and guttering should be kept clear of any accumulation of leaves and other ‘outdoor detritus’. These things will damage your caravan by causing rot and rust on the roof, which may lead to a need for maintenance.

Washing the static caravan’s exterior will also ensure its general condition remains high – and that it stays looking great. Giving it a good ‘going over’ a couple of times a year will often be enough. Using car shampoo and a hose (or jetwash) will give you a great finish, and will protect the bodywork from all of the accumulated ‘stuff’ that it is subject to throughout the year – general pollution and bird poo – some of which can damage paintwork.

Keep the things we’ve mentioned in this edition of our blog in mind. They are your key steps towards maintaining the good condition of your static caravan. If you do them as a regular priority – a way of living, in fact – then you are highly likely to receive a higher price when you sell than if you’ve paid no attention to your static’s wellbeing. If you’ve allowed it to get tired looking, shabby even, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Cleaning, tidying and managing small maintenance jobs and repairs, in addition to having services and systems tested on a regular basis, are all very important steps to keeping your static caravan condition high!