ABI Adelaide 36 x 12ft 2021 2 Bedrooms


2021 pre-owned ABI Adelaide just arrived at Whispering Waters. This not to be missed ABI Adelaide boasts features such as an integrated fridge-freezer and microwave. Located on our Sandpiper Development it also comes complete with its own parking space and piped gas.

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Annual Park Fees 2024

Lakeside Park - From £3,050

Nettleton Park - From £3,475

Whispering Waters - From £3,210

Willows Park - From £3,043

Windmill Park - From £2,800


ABI ADELAIDE 2021 – Just arrived at Whispering Waters!

It is located in our Sandpiper devlopment complete with its own parking space and piped gas!

A few key features to this stunning pre-loved holiday home :

simple but modern interior
free-standing furniture/
electric fire
separate dining area/table
spacious bedrooms with an en-suite in the master.

Ground Rent for is £3210 and can be ready for our March 8th opening!

Contact Taylor on 01507 472 267 or [email protected] for more information