ABI Roselle 36 x 12 2008 3 Bedroom


Double glazed and central heated 3 bedroom ABI Roselle. Ideal for families looking to enjoy our relaxing Whispering Waters Park

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Annual Park Fees 2022

Lakeside Park - From £3,650

Nettleton Park - From £3,350

Whispering Waters - From £3,100

Willows Park - From £2,950

Windmill Park - From £2,700


3 bedroom ABI Roselle has just arrived at our Whispering Waters Park. Double glazed and central heated this holiday home is ideal for all seasons. With 3 bedrooms and a large living area, you can enjoy this spacious Roelle with all the family. Quiet park location and only 5 minutes from the beach the ABI Roselle ticks all the boxes